The Improvement for efficiency and accuracy of inventory management strongly depends on the Material and Services Master Data quality. Creactives’ TAM (Technical Attribute Management) is an AI-powered web app to support the M&S Master Data Governance globally. TAM’s primary goal is to cleanse, enrich, deduplicate, and govern M&S Master Data by exploiting existing ERP information and integrating ERP processes with helpful functionalities that they don’t possess. TAM overcomes geographical and linguistic barriers and connects all legacy systems and datasets that originate from different sources, ultimately creating a harmonized Material Master Data management process.

The processes carried out by TAM dramatically reduces human effort in:

  • Finding and managing duplicate items in the existing master data
  • Enriching missing information
  • Supporting new material creation, automatically checking potential duplicate materials in real-time, comparing materials described in different languages, cross plants and ERPs.
  • Technical attribute completeness check, to assure the creation of correct and complete data from the beginning.

Creactives TAM is powered by an AI model that combines deep learning and the largest multi-language industry-specific knowledge base. To achieve 95% accuracy on customer data, we have also developed a highly efficient AI customization process that minimises customer people’s contribution and guarantees a low-impact Digital Twin provisioning.

TAM provides substantial savings by reducing working capital and management costs in the following ways.

Data quality:

  • 30-50%+ of categorization precision and granularity. This promotes accurate reporting capabilities, budgeting, and efficient definition of sourcing perimeter.
  • 50-70%+ of manufacturer name and code coverage, including OEM to MRO conversion opportunities.
  • 5-20%+ Duplicates detection which results in huge performance improvement of Procurement & Supply Chain processes and visibility.

Recurring savings:

  • 2-10 % of yearly Spend. This enables cost optimization, bundle buying increase, Maverick buying reduction, supporting RFQs due to better data.

Inventory optimization:

  • 10-30%+ of the stock value. This enables revamping of material stock,
    reduction of excess and non-moving inventory.

Process efficiency improvement:

  • 50%+ parts search time reduction, reduction of equipment downtime, knowledge sharing about item equivalence and interchangeability, saving time on Maintenance.

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