Deep Learning is changing the world of Procurement and Supply chain, and this is a fact!

Large multinational corporations need to embrace the AI revolution to unlock the value of relevant unstructured data stored in the ERPs and other backend systems, and this is another fact!

Crucial and large corporate initiatives, like:

  • S2P processes optimization, 
  • Spend Analytics, 
  • Material Master Data and MRO stock optimization, 

    they succeed or fail, depending on data quality.

    Creactives provides AI-powered solutions to provide real-time procurement insights and analytics, optimize inventories and procurement processes, and to render business data usable by overcoming geographical, linguistic, and ERP/PLM/S2P system barriers. Creactives’ AI-powered solutions cleanse and enrich existing data, learn from evolving meanings, and cost-effectively safeguard the creation of new information on a continuous automatic basis.

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