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AI can do it.”

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Creactives helps global procurement and supply chain teams to cleanse, enrich and harmonize their data. Creactives AI solutions are based on proprietary deep learning algorithms to provide:

  • TSV8: Spend Analytics,
  • TAM4: Material and Service Master Data Management,
  • Data Assistants: Procurement Guidance.

Thanks to our distinctive combination of Deep Learning, Knowledge Engineering, and Crowd Learning, we make possible an easy and full AI personalization on customer data to provide vertical solutions for:

  • Harmonized and granular consumption model full visibility, automatically updated, 
  • Global inventory management and working capital optimization,
  • Real-time AI assistants for Purchasing requisitioners.

Creactives has use cases in many industries, but with a common pain: Large and complex multilingual datasets.

Some industries we have most prevalent use cases are (in no particular order); Process and Discrete Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Power Production, Aviation & Aerospace, Chemicals, Food Production and Banking.

  • Cloud Platform for AI personalization on customer data to understand specific company jargon, with low customer effort
  • Multiple Taxonomy categorization capabilities with the highest accuracy available on the market
  • Ability to natively manage datasets in more than 25+ languages
  • Crowd learning capabilities to automatically update the AI model and predict future data by learning from evolving meanings
  • Cost-effectively safeguards the creation of new information on a continuous automatic basis.

Creactives solutions are developed to be integrated into any legacy system.
Creactives web applications are compatible with main ERP and S2P providers.

Procurement Practitioners and Expert Analysts have recognized Creactives as best-of-breed in the Procurement Technology Landscape.

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The Total Economic Impact Of Creactives TAM

Optimize Inventory, Increase Procurement Efficiency and Reduce Plant Downtime

Creactives commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying a Material Master Data Governance implementation (TAM).

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Benefits PV

€ 11M

Inventory Reduction

€ 29M


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Discover how you can massively cleanse, harmonize and enrich your Procurement and Supply Chain data.

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